"For this story I need to give pussies" - Eric .

"One day I will get pussies for this story" - Eric.

"I live in hope of pussy" - the author of the story.

“A good cunt is prepared for the author of this story” - rumors.

"Pussies do not happen much" - a man in a brothel.

“A good woman has a nice pussy too” - a drunk man in the subway.

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“Just don’t cum in pussy” - a girl in love with her boyfriend.

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"Cunt, cunt, cunt ..." - a crazy grandmother. (fan of the author).

The protagonists of the story:

1. Dick.

2. Cunt

3. Right hand.

I'm kidding, - let's go!

Loch, schmuck, loser, and just a good guy

As a bolt from the blue came the final understanding: I am a sucker, schmuck and a loser! I pissed off in this life every chance of success. This is the worst realization of the last evening. The gates opened, and a snow-white, but slightly muddy “Audyukha” rolled into the box. Behind the wheel of a young blonde with a beautiful fuck. Behind the reflections of the windshield, I caught her bitch, slightly depraved look. This person left the car gracefully, stepping on the wet concrete with her varnished shoes and making a sexy movement with her waist. Depravity in her eyes really was, but besides him I found excellence there. The sheer overt superiority is more than just over the world - above me, a timid, stooped creature in a gray jumpsuit.

- Hello! - I pulled a smile on my dismal eblet. - How do you want to wash?

- You can wash your point! - the blond long-legged whore answered brazenly. - And you have to lick my car!

“So, scandalous persona,” I thought. With such you need to be careful. This girl may be a litter of some influential hog, who will come and polish my face if I somehow do not answer his lady. In general, during my short car wash practice, I became convinced that ladies should be treated very carefully. Especially if they behave arrogantly and confidently. It is not known whose this hole, and who then you will roll in the trunk of the city for one careless word in her address. After one incident, when I tried to defend my case, and very peacefully, any aggression on the part of all sorts of bitches - I silently endure. I was already on my knees, and I was kept by strong men. And that bitch whom I allegedly insulted, tried to drop me a shoe in the balls. And then I crawled at her feet, asking for forgiveness for not knowing why. Apparently for the fact that I just am. Blunt-headed opezdal, not having in this life no status and influence, and which can be taken by the scruff of the neck and do anything. Since then I am extremely tactful with bitchy women who come to the car wash. Let them scold me, they are rude, even if they spit in my face and call me lousy scum - I silently swallow it. Like a real cowardly slave fucking. As podzabornaya dog. Survived.

Something I digress. As a result of this blonde, I replied with complete humility, and almost bowing:

- Well, as you say - your car will be licked.

“And the grinding wheels,” she added as she left. - And quickly do everything, I do not like to wait!

“So, fagot,” I thought with self-irony. - Take and lick. Grinding wheels. And do not be indignant. Chmoshnik. This is your life, eblan. Be patient.

It feels like I live with a cock in my mouth and they constantly fuck me. Around the clock, I walk with this fictional dick, huge, punching me right down the throat. Thanks to my fantasy for the fact that I have it, but at times I don’t need it at all.

I have to rip off a blonde whore's car no later than she drinks coffee in a client's room, and leaf through new photos on fucking instagram. Therefore, I rushed to the equipment and rags.

Rolling around the car's body with a layer of fragrant shampoo, I, due to my developed imagination, in all living colors imagined the pussy of this blonde client. Smoothly shaved, with slightly swollen lips, juicy, covered with a delicate fabric of panties. Pussy, which my poor dick can not see even theoretically. My dick now fuck nobody needs! But at night, the pussy of this beautiful lady fucks some wealthy cute boy, or plump bald papa ... or both together! And then she sucks and swallows them. And in the morning they give her presents and shove the money, thanks to which she is now being cut out. For me, a poor autowasher, craw all decent ladies are now banned. Yes, by the way, and not only crap, these ladies themselves will not even look at me as a person. I have no interest for them. I'm a sucker in a gray jumpsuit with a rag in my hands! I - schmuck, rubbing their cars! Something asexual. Who wants sex or socializing, for example, with a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine? Like this.

Maybe you say I'm screwing myself? I drive into depression. But you cannot run away from the facts. You can be fucking positive and happy with life, you can invent any excuses for yourself, but if you are a loser, hardship for pennies, you sleep in the back room, all kinds of freaks shout at you, and the boss drags you by the collar as a punishment - you can call yourself only as this ubybishny story, in which there is no morality, no shame, no conscience.

I washed her car, and before my eyes there was already nothing but her cunt. Fuck, I would give everything now, so that at least a couple of minutes to gouge it with my dick. I haven’t fucked women for a long time, and a couple of minutes would be enough for me to finish. I would fill this bitchiness with my sperm. I would give everything, but the problem is that I have nothing for a long time! And for free, my whipping is not needed by anyone.

You know, but I fucked her car. Take it and have time! German iron whore just beamed. I washed it so that it was impossible to find fault. However, I knew that such stinkers, like my client, would surely inflate the reason to nudge the worker in some trifle. So when she left the client room, I backed into the corner and made as humble as possible. I even slightly bent my knees, as if hinting: "If you fall to your feet, madam, hurrying to atone for the smallest offense!" And because I was really ready to fall. And a bonus to wipe her shoes, if only this blond damn would be pleased.

While she was examining the cleanliness of the car, I could not stop looking at this sexy bitch. Her legs are very beautiful. Well, just really! I would even like me to walk with these legs. Even if they are right here on the wet floor, in front of everyone ... I would agree, and don't care what would be next!

You may ask, why do I treat such a degrading situation with such an illusion? Why am I mocking myself, and this does not torment me at all? You say I'm fucked? Maybe! I just lost my temper, I already wept my tears of despair. I survived the hysterics and depressions enough and, in the end, I realized that there was no point in them. Even if it is very fucking, you need to understand what could be more fucking. No need to limp, life goes on. Yes - without money, yes - in modest conditions, but life! I understood and accepted that I am a sucker, a loser and a loser, and I live with it quite calmly. Someone must be like that. It may happen that tomorrow everything will change and a million will arise in my account again. porn stories In the meantime, I live like this, well, well, this is not a reason to get too depressed. Need to enjoy the situation.

Recently came the boss, the owner of the car wash. Very cool man. He is about forty, all beautiful from himself, pleasant, even some bearing is felt, though the character is too strict. For some reason I didn’t like him from our first meeting, but he nonetheless accepted me to work. In short, he came and yelled at me, because ... yes, in general, for nothing. Just one of the clients complained about my lousy work ....

.. everything is trite. But I knew that this uybku just need to break anger on someone. There is a type of people for whom to shout and humiliate is how to fly to a resort. It's a shame that he screamed right under administrator Yana. Yana is a fucking beautiful girl, and it is not clear that she forgot all about the car wash. He called me armless nothingness, unable to earn a piece of bread. I stood and felt like mine, and without that little dick is reduced to the limit. And my eggs, at the time of his swearing are compressed to the size of peas. And this wicked fag downright buzz was testing me with a witness witch. Apparently he even got a member. This is something from monkeys, I know. And in general from the animal world. Lower the other male when the female, and then fuck this female ... what could be sweeter!

“I'll put you, bitch, on probation!” He shouted. - You will run like a clockwork here! Gandon! You can't even handle such work, cudgel! Who were you there? ... Trader? Cryptocurrency traded ?! Ahaha! No wonder you were without pants!

And then he turned to the girl and said to her in such a tender voice:

“Yanochka, make me some coffee,” and Yanochka, wagging her ass, hurried to carry out his command. - And you, fuck work! - He snapped to me.

And then I polished his fucking "Beha" and choked insult. This fagot humiliated me in front of the whole team, in front of Yana, who, by the way, was cute to me. She would hardly have become interested in me anyway, and now it’s not a damn to dream. He trampled in my dirt the already lowered dignity. But what is remarkable: he humiliated, but he broke me! Only - humiliated! And why? Just because he has such an opportunity. Because he is the owner of a large network of sinks and any other commercial fuck that a month brings him as much money as I do not earn now for my whole life. Humiliated because I depend on him. From the bunk he gives me, from the kopecks I pay. He humiliated Jana because she was his subordinate, not mine. Why not humiliate someone who can't answer you? - Surely this fag thinks. He would try to do the same with his peer status, I would see how they would put him on the bottle. After these thoughts, I even smiled and the offense gradually passed.

Shameful days went by, and at times I was fucked by how cruel people could be. Not all, of course, but sometimes such people come across that even though a nuclear bomb is blown up without regret. I was also stunned by their stupidity. It seems that I should be stupid, because it was I who laundered their expensive cars and forcedly smile, but it is they who are stupid. This, of course, greatly enrages. Sometimes it feels like the world has turned upside down, and fools have seized upon everything, and the most honest and decent people have become beggars, and went to their servants.

Administrator Yana went to the edge. It turned out the bitch is still the same. The camp guard from the concentration camp, fuck her in the mouth! Before my boss for the first time did not leave me with her, she kept with me respectfully, politely, sometimes not even as an employee, but as a partner, and after that incident everything changed dramatically. I began to apply only to the teams: “Go, the client has arrived!”, “Run, do it, do it”, “Don't stand like a pillar, work!” And stuff like that. And I, I think, was on the verge of falling in love with her. Fall in love with your dirty sadomasochistic love. But my lowest social status, or rather the awareness of myself in it - extinguished such silly motives. However, you can’t order dick, and when he thought of Jan, he became elastic. In general, with such a life, the dick got up much less often and somehow not very firmly. And about high feelings there could be no question, my living conditions ... shorter fucked up.

She made me once all night, instead of fucking my well-deserved rest !! tile floor in all boxes! There, such black knurled bands remain from the wheels, and now it has ignited a desire to remove them. I almost howled with anger. With a bucket and a cloth, I had to literally crawl on my knees and rub hard. Bitch is a hell of a job! After five minutes of rubbing, my hands are tired, but I have not even half a meter. “What are you such a creature!” - I shouted to myself.

Now, if I were with grandmothers, and would be best owned by some large company, I would gladly see this Jan as my secretary. And not just a secretary, but - a personal hole! I would have demanded that this whore fulfill all his whims. I would make her wear short skirts, fucking stockings and turn my ass in front of me. During the breaks between business negotiations, I would drive her under the table and put a member in her mouth. She would have been silk, I went to the string. I would train this fuckin '! And if she didn’t like something, the road would always be free! I would have hired such Yang for myself.

But I dreamed again. This Yana stood in front of me in tight leggings, which, I must say, looked very good on her, in stylish sneakers on the platform, and closely followed my work. She pointed out to me where I had missed a spot of oil or a trace of rubber, because she could see better from above, and drove me in a dissatisfied tone. "They say I have to lose time because of you." Fuck - she just likes it! More precisely, recently liked to humiliate me. I learned that I was a millionaire, bitch. What does she care about an ordinary worker who has been interrupted all her life by petty earnings, I am an intellectual, a white bone, I am a collapsed rich man. Nice to mock me. Some people are always interested in pushing a fallen person even deeper into the mud.

And then it dawned on me that I was, in fact, the same pig as everyone else! If I had money, I also humiliated and exploited, and also inserted a member in the throats of the weaker and more dependent. And about any morality, I would not whine, but I, for the eyes, would also have called them an obscenity. Justice is, if you have a grandmother, better a lot of grandmas, and you are lucky. Then the world is good and all people are brothers. And poverty makes one to be evil, gloating. Poverty is a disease. This is pure horror. Bitch, how in this world everything is confusing and contradictory! Although what confusing ?! Man is evil anyway. Only the rich man splashes this anger with a smile, and the poor man with a bitter tear on his cheek.

And recently, my client was an escort who I fought at my best times. All of this important car rolled in its precocious executive car and didn't even recognize me right away.

- Oh, is that you ?! - She asked with surprise, even touching my shoulder.

- Alas, it's me.

- Why are you here? In all this robe? You are probably the boss here and just show the staff how to work? - suggested fucking skin.

I smiled a smile of rotten fish.

- What, no? !! - She opened her mouth so that I wanted to stick it in his penis. And she sucked well. There were times.

- How so? ... - This fool could not calm down. - You earned money very well ... somewhere on the Internet ... what happened?

- It's a long story. - There was no time to pussy with her. Yes, and I felt very embarrassed next to this beautiful whore in his uniform and rubber boots. If you could press a button and fall to hell, I would have done so. - How will you wash? I asked, shamefully lowering my head.

- Just so that everything was clean everywhere. Both inside and out.

- Got it.

The elite skin went away, but I already imagined how she got the phone and sent messages to all her whores who I also used to wrestle. My story is a great excuse for gossip. But, does it upset me? No, rather even happy! If they gossip, it means - they remember ... it means that they are not indifferent. And on whatever day I am, it means that I am alive!

Under the seat, I found the panties. Very beautiful. From thin elastic material, with ruches. Apparently fucked with some of his privileged client right in her car, took off and lost. I had a criminal thought - to drop those panties! I myself do not know why ..

they are to me, but I looked around and put them in the pocket of my jumpsuit.

I washed as usual, not just good, but - fuck!

The skin returned from the client's room. Smiled at me. Dick knows what's on her mind. Imagine, I used to drop a round sum over the night with her, without any problems, and now ... she gave me a tip, a miserable weave, and I was ready to piss for happiness. Such a whole non-paramount one comes up to me, in chic clothes at a cost like 10 of my salaries, near the car, like 1000 of my salaries, and it makes me weave! With a smile so malicious. At the pier, poor thing, hold on. "Do not zhide, scum, give more!" - I shouted mentally. But she wagged her ass, got behind the wheel and, with a wink at me, drove away. And I remained standing, experiencing the twentieth stage of humiliation.

What did I do that turned the fortune away from me? Where did you go wrong? In a half-asleep delirium after an exhausting working day, various thoughts came to my head, and suddenly, I think I understood! I had a small feature, I loved the women in my mouth to piss. Insert her dick in the throat and ssysh. The buzz is incredible. Straight away. And there she is choking, tears from her eyes, the gag reflex barely holds back, and I chuckling impertinently, squeezing out all the supplies of golden rain. And then also fuck her without removing the penis from the mouth. Ebu tough, she sips, smacking, trying to break free, I clasp her head with palms on the back of my head and hold her tight to me - deprive of oxygen. I finish. Then I make the whore crawl to the bathroom on all fours and rinse her with cold water like a horse. Some girls from such treatment just dragged.

But, if objectively, then I can not be this punishment for it. Or was there something else? And everything in the complex turned out that I now seize the grief. I have long been a slave to dream. Not so, of course, to the medieval, but modern, preferably from beautiful people, and best of all from a wealthy girl. Dreamed right to shiver. Then, it is true, she reluctantly. But no, fate did not punish me for this, but for the fact that I betrayed my love! Yes! This is a very, very long and tedious story. Once I, the girl who loved me, gave me as a live gift to my friend for the night. That's what a fucking fiend I am!

Ok, pretty self-searching. It's time to talk about something joyful.

Recently, a woman came to us to the sink. Young, but fucking scary. Thick, pimply and with always matted hair. Under her four days could not pick up a jumpsuit, so shapeless was her carcass. Called - Nadia. Though outwardly I would have been more attractive to an African crocodile, but Nadya turned out to be cheerful and friendly, and I loved people very much. She talked a lot and even seemed to say some clever things. And from the very first day she sunk it on me. Something I liked this "beauty." At first I was a little confused, because I could never imagine that instead of slender and beautiful girls, I would be friends with a piece of walking sweaty fat. And it caused me different feelings: on the one hand, the genuine attention of another person - I was flattered, on the other hand - from this person I was puffed up.

As you already guessed, quite a few days passed, and I stuck it to this cow. That day I saw enough of all sorts of cool chicks, with which I washed the car, and my cock just smoked.

Fuck me this slut with extreme cruelty. Fuck like the last time. Eb covered his head with a pillow. And she almost cried from pleasure. Cunt was surprisingly narrow, apparently the member was in her a rare guest, and she met me with comfort. It’s good that in the back room you can be left alone for a while: one of my colleagues always comes. Having shot a white bullet of liquid substance at it, I got up and left. Like a real male. My self-esteem increased a little, and for joy I began to hum some song.

But fate threw me another gift: this fucking slut in love with me! And I don't need it like that. I started to make the bed in the morning, look with adoration, and, of course, eat cooking. But she began to pester openly, not embarrassed even by her colleagues. It enraged me! Monster fucking! Well, sorry for her, stinky, on the one hand, on the other - would have strangled. If I were a grandmother, I would not even look at her. And what do you want me to do? On the other hand - well, dick with her! I will amuse my vanity at her expense. On bezrybe and pig - pike.

But then she was kicked out. As the boss said: "fat fucking did a poor job." In general, for me it was not a discovery: she washed one car twice as long as everything. So my boss unknowingly deprived me, let the bad, but fuck. With the departure of Nadia, I again began to masturbate. All masturbate, masturbate and me. I see nothing bad in a handjob; on the contrary, this is a very pleasant and useful occupation. And most importantly - it is convenient and practical. Baba will not be able to fuck anywhere, you need at least a quiet place and a comfortable position in order to put her and spread her legs, and you can even jerk off somewhere. Although standing around the corner, in the intervals between the queue for bathing, at least during tea drinking, at least quietly under the sheet, while guest workers snore on the next beds.

Speaking of gastorbytyrah ... or whatever they are there ... I'm now a guest worker himself. No different from Tajik or Uzbek or Romanian. I’m a goof Russian “Vanka”, who drove all his money into ebany bitcoin and famously sifted through them. Tajiks and Uzbeks are even freer people than me. They can go to their homeland, in their village. There they are waiting for busty and baleen women and a lot of children. Poverty is terrible, of course, but they have a house there. And I have no home. Sisyastoy women either. There is only a dick and two hands. Even my passport is with my boss, who just won't give it to me. In short, I was lost. But it could be all different! Bitch! How sometimes all the same unbearable. Self-awareness of a chode is like a blow to the head with a hammer. Yes, it tickles my nerves, yes it is acute, and sometimes such helplessness even excites my masochistic soul, but still it is unbearable. I cannot say “stop” and make my life become the same. I can do very little. And the hand and stretches to the dick, when I think about all this. Here is the paradoxical nature!

On a warm summer evening, I got out of the car wash, walked around it and hid in the backyard. There was a gazebo for customers, but at that hour there was no one in it. I sat down on a bench, looked at the sunset and instantly fell into a trance. Mechanically, I looked around, and unzipped my fly. He took out a member and, as in that song, he cried and jerked off. It was surprisingly sad, and at the same time I experienced burning pleasure. I cannot give you the whole gamut of feelings, by virtue of my meager stock of words. The earth was waiting for my sperm, and in anticipation I rolled my eyes. It was a blessing. Yes - to be a sucker-loser - this is mine. I like it. Apparently I went to the edge of the small.

And a minute later, when I heard the sound of Yana's heels, I did not remove my hand from the member. I proudly continued to masturbate, reveling in their shamelessness! Then came the moment that I had always feared and at the same time I always wanted very much: a handjob in front of the one I like. Although I can not fuck her, but please jerk at her - please! This is also a kind of sexual intercourse.

"Here, whore, look!" - I thought, looking at her.

I wanted to get on my knees, and I immediately rolled off the bench.

Jan went to the gazebo full of bewilderment, and I looked into her eyes and jerked more and more intensely.

That sweet moment has arrived, when you realize that an orgasm is already inevitable, and at that moment Jan came up with a question:

- What are you doing, fucking ?!

- Fuck jerk off! - I growled, and the sperm lay a meter from her legs. Yana did not expect such impudence, and made a surprised face, whose appearance gave me even more pleasure.

The cum on the dusty gazebos was like a final signature on my status as a sucker-loser. Yana understood this with me. And I was neither hurt nor sad! Internally, I was already laughing at everything. I am exalted! I do not know how, but I will definitely get out of this asshole. I have eliminated all the complexes from myself, all my shame, and I am not afraid anymore, and this is the first step on the road to great achievements!