After the dramatic events in the night train, I didn’t get enough sleep and felt overwhelmed. Yawning and shivering from the morning chill, one of the last left the train.

It remained only to rejoice that the company, where I was sent on an urgent business trip, was near the train station. Enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, leisurely reached the desired building of dark red color. Habitually taking the pass in a small window, cheerfully went to the meeting room. The meeting proceeded rapidly, with mutual complaints, and lasted until late.

Tired but pleased, I went outside and hurried to the hotel. Getting dark. It is good that the hotel was booked online on the train.

Using the nearby subway, thirty minutes later I got to the desired station. When I got up from the underpass, it was already quite dark. I really wanted to sleep. The hotel was located five minutes walk from the metro. Checking the electronic card on the smartphone, corrected the path and added a step.

At the entrance to the hotel building stood a half-naked middle-aged man in jeans and slippers with bare feet. He was tall, broad-shouldered, with well-developed muscles and shoulder-length hair, and he looked very confident. Such women like and make an impression on men. He ignored my appearance, smoking a cigarette and blowing clouds of tobacco with pleasure. Slipping past him, fell into a small corridor. On the right was the receptionist. As soon as I paid for my stay, he issued a key card, on which the number nine was carelessly displayed with a marker. Nothing can be done about a two-star hotel. In other hotels there were no free and suitable for the price rooms or they were located too far. But in this hotel, judging by the photos on the site, there was just a huge bed, and even in single rooms, like mine.

The room I needed was on the ground floor. Turning to the left, I viewed with interest the design of the corridor, made in black colors. Ignoring the sullen coloring, I quickly found the door with the number nine. Put the key card in the lock. Usually there is a click and the door opens. This time the click was not heard. Just in case, pulled the handle. To my surprise, the door friendly opened with a barely audible creak.

It was dark in the room, even if it was an eye. By touch tried to find the switch. Did not work out. I decided to look for him in the morning. Throwing their belongings at the door, quickly undressed and got into bed. Painfully I wanted to sleep after a hard day. Turning to the side, out of habit, he spread his arms wide and froze. My left hand came across ... a body, judging by some details, on a naked female body. Is it a corpse? I was overcome by indescribable horror. Heart incredibly pounded. Gloomy thoughts, like a herd of horses, flashed through my head. With shaking fingers, he felt his body again. It was warm. Thank God, not a corpse! But who is this lady? Why is she lying on my bed? What does she want? Suddenly it dawned on me. A prostitute! Now I understand why the door was open. But something else is not clear: what to do with it now? Expel or leave? That is the question! I decide once again to touch her charms. In the end, she herself collapsed in my bed. Almost calmed down, I feel her chest in a businesslike manner. She's pretty big with big nipples. The skin is smooth and well-groomed. Palm squeeze the chest, squeezing the nipples with your fingers. The chest does not fit in the palm. The nipples are already hard. The woman had time to get aroused. "Professional!", - I noted with interest.

Suddenly, in the stillness of the night, an angry female voice resounded.

- How long will you feel tits?

- Uh ... uh ...

- I want your dick right now! I want to feel it in myself! - passionately whispered stranger.

- But ...

- Fulfill all your sexual desires!

- BUT...

- Take me!!! Come on !!! Show that you are a man !!! - the lady shouted from passion, not holding back.

I had a very busy day. They got me pretty badly at the meeting. Besides the nature of my groovy. And I do not like when a woman asks me twice. In short, pissed off in earnest. Not only that, some kind of prostitute lay down in my bed, she also tries to insult, an infection. This I was not going to endure. If he wants, he will receive! I got up. Has climbed over her leg. Quickly felt her torso. It was plump, but not fat and trembling with desire. Crotch was hairy. The genital lips were moisturized.

- Enter me! The woman growled like a tigress.

He lifted women's legs and spread them wide apart. Directing the hand of his excited beast, penetrated the pussy. It was wet and hot. A gloating smile appeared on my lips. Now I will punish the stranger. My piston gradually, but inexorably increased the pace with each penetration, easily sliding back and forth.

“Deeper,” the lady demanded. - Deeper!

I do not tolerate rudeness, especially with women, but in this case I decided to make an exception. My penetrations each time were more and more sharp and fast. Excitement is growing. We both intermittently breathed.

“Fuck me harder,” the lady moaned pleadingly. - I love so much when you dominate.

It turns out that a woman loves hard sex. It turns out that all my attempts to punish only delight her. I was so upset by such a discovery that I stopped, was embarrassed and confused. But do not lose my partner. She deftly pushed me onto my back.

“I am all flowing,” the stranger said playfully. - Now I saddle you, my stallion!

Shaking hands with impatience, the woman took the penis and helped him to penetrate the vagina. Then slowly sat down on it until a member entered into it completely. Having settled on it more comfortably, the lady began to vigorously ride on my hard rod. I have not felt such a magnificent ecstasy for a long time. Waves of voluptuousness ran through the body one by one. The head lay back, eyes wide open. A happy smile appeared on his face. I was at the peak of bliss, almost in paradise ... and then I remembered that I would like to punish my partner. Angry at himself, wound up again, threw the woman on the bed and put on his knees.

- Punish your bad girl! Take me by the hair and slap my ass! - my partner telling me.

“This is a whore,” I muttered irritably.

Grabbing her long hair, pulled back with such zeal that her back arched, and the priest yelled. Not resisting the temptation, he weighed some savory slaps on the sticking out ass, which, for sure, blushed.

My excited beast again briskly penetrated the hole and completely disappeared into it. There was a female moan. My movements, as it seemed to me, were sharp and rough. A gloating smile reappeared on my lips.

- I like that you fuck me like a slut.

It turns out it was a voluptuous moan.

- Ooo! - I groaned in a frenzy.

Her words pushed me even more. I just lost my head. As if with a jackhammer, I drilled her hole.

- Aaaa! - I roared excitedly.

The lady screamed and moaned with pleasure under me. Moreover, she began podmahivat ass. I just got mad. Releasing her hair, grabbed her luxurious thighs and frantically began to stick a woman on his rod, fucking her like crazy.

- I want to be your bitch! - exhaled the stranger.

We seemed to merge into one. Sweat broke out on our bodies, little drops of sweat appeared. Groaning loudly, I felt that I would soon be over. This is understood and a woman.

- Fill me all. Cum in me!

I fucked the lady more and more vigorously, trying to shove my penis as deep as possible into the vagina. Suddenly, her body was arched. According to him, as if the current ran, and the lady shook from a burning orgasm, a hoarse squeal, when warm intermittent streams of sperm flowed inside her. A wave of tremendous orgasm covered me headlong. In the ears ...

it was ringing. I was breathing heavily in ecstasy.

- I have never been so well fucked! - the stranger praised me, breathing hoarsely.

The bed creaked. The woman sat on her booty. There was a faint click. The wall lamp caught fire, illuminating part of the room, and then I first saw a stranger. In front of me sat a naked woman of about forty, with long black hair, broad-faced, with thick lips, a snub nose and expressive eyes.

For a long time to consider the stranger did not work. She screamed hysterically. Instinctively she put her hand over her mouth, but the lady firmly shoved my hand away.

- Who are you? What are you doing here? Screamed the stunned woman.

- Who am i? - I automatically repeated, and in turn, with interest, asked. - Who are you ?!

- None of your business! - more emotionally loud lady. “You raped me, you bastard!”

- Pancake! Not only did you occupy my room, so also rude!

“Your room?” - the woman was ready to explode with indignation. - This is my room!

“I don't understand anything,” I was genuinely surprised.

- This is my room, moron! - she repeated harder. - Number nine! Got it?

- Obsession for some! - I muttered in surprise.

And then it hit me. On the plastic key card, the number “6” was actually depicted, and I took it as the number “9”. Cudgel stoorosovaya! It was necessary so goof!

- By the way, now my husband will come here. Pray for your skin, you rascal!

- Husband !!! Are you married!!! Some nightmare !!!

It turns out that the lady was not a prostitute! I just fucked a married woman. Indescribable horror struck me again. I am numb. My heart pounded. His whole body was covered with cold and sticky sweat, his hair stood on end. I felt bad. Now the husband will come and call the police. Yes, what a police! He will pounce and beat me so that there will be no living place. Then all my life I will work on some pills.

- Oh! Scared ?! - the stranger gloated, having noticed my confusion.

What to do? The situation was worse nowhere. In the face of danger, I ... calmed down and gathered. Head earned as a supercomputer, instantly calculating various options.

- I have nothing to be afraid of. You yourself asked you to fuck! - surprisingly calm voice I replied.

- What?! - The woman's eyes threw thunder and lightning.

- And my husband, I will say that you and I have been fucking for a long time! - I cynically threatened.

- Scoundrel! The lady growled, waving herself with obvious intent to cripple me, but then the front door of the hotel slammed. - This is a husband! He is jealous of me. Come on, briskly roll out of here!

- What?

- Alive. I said lively! Well, noodle!

Overwhelmed with countless insults and curses, I frantically collected my clothes and belongings. It did not work out. The lady strongly pushed me into the corridor, in which my mother gave birth. In such a stupid position, I have never been. Flashing bare booty, rushed to the door with the number "6".

Meanwhile, the man who entered the hotel exchanged a few phrases from the receptionist. And it saved me. With a card stuck at the last moment, he managed to open the door to his room and run into it. As soon as the door closed behind him, a quiet purr of a fashionable song and a barely audible creak of the door could be heard in the corridor. Lucky. I almost got caught! Well, I'm lucky! Tired but contented lay on a wide bed and did not even have time to touch the pillow with his cheek, when he fell asleep with a mortal sleep.

In the hassle the next day flew by. Evening came. I arrived at the station well in advance. There were a few more hours before the departure of the night train to St. Petersburg. I wandered aimlessly around the station, looking at shop windows. Suddenly, he saw a familiar face in a CD shop. No, she was not a visitor to the shop. A familiar face was on the cover of a music CD. Up to the end, not believing his eyes, he took the disk. Doubts left, it was she - a stranger from the hotel. I froze. His mouth opened involuntarily. It felt like a head on the head.

Unnoticed by the seller approached me.

“Take the disc, dear,” he offered cordially to me, speaking with a characteristic southern accent, “she sings well about yellow tulips.”

“She not only sings well,” I muttered in shock.