I'll tell you a little story about the wife of my worker.

I have my own business, there are two teams of dressers engaged in expensive repairs working on my SP. I selected everyone personally, many people come with the experience of "home repair" - I have nothing against it, but these do not suit me. We often work with materials that are more expensive than standard-class apartments and the quality of work must be appropriate. Not so many years ago, a twenty-two-year-old boy joined us. His name is Andrew, showed pictures of his work. My main master Vitaly looked at the pictures, clarified something somewhere. He offered to take a guy with a test on one object. I gave the go-ahead. After a month and a half, our work on that object was completed, Vitaly Andrey approved. I met with the client for a long time - we had an agreement about the award, if the works will be handed over early.

We rich people are stingy for wages - they can buy materials for millions, and they pay for work to close. Somehow one millionaire (billionaire?) From Moscow delayed my payment for two weeks, saying that he would pay only when he came and looked at the work underway with his own eyes. After a little confrontation, I took my guys off the site. As a result, this dummy hired a cheaper team of dressers. And, a month later, one competitor called me, to which he turned after them. Called to clarify - what's the story with the client. Having learned the situation, the competitor requested a full advance payment for the work, and double the amount, as it was necessary to redo everything for the previous brigade. I was not sorry, mean people must be punished. Something for me is enough for life, but my hard workers have to pay a salary, I rely on them, and they rely on me.

After the object was handed over, I shook out the bonus from the client - we finished ahead of time, and if the materials did not go through customs for a long time, they would have managed almost twice as fast. Distributed money to the brigade. Vitaly asked for a week off for guys on this occasion. I, having estimated the front of the planned works, agreed. We have noted successful earnings in the restaurant. Some of the guys were with their families, some with girls. Andrei, as it turned out, was already married. The spouse's name was Natalia and she turned out to be a very beautiful young girl. The restaurant had a small dance floor and live music on weekends. We were happy to go to the stomachs excellent food and drank it with alcohol. However, I am almost indifferent to alcohol and drank some kind of refreshing cocktail. The guys started to deliver. Someone switched to coffee or tea, for example, Vitali, who was almost his father to his boyfriends. Someone, on the contrary, decided to lower the reins. So did the same new Andrei. Although, it was more soldered to the newly acquired colleagues from the brigade, rejoicing in the completion of the team. Natalya whispered in his ear a couple of times that it was time for him to drink coffee and go home. But Andrei, apparently, did not want to appear like a henpecked with new friends and continued to pour brandy into himself. A couple of times I caught on him the displeased look of Natalia. In order to distract her a little, I invited the girl to dance. Natalia nodded, throwing an annoyed glance at her husband and went out with me to the dance floor. The girl from the group performed a slow song. I took my partner by the waist, and we swayed smoothly into the rhythm of the music. Natalia seemed saddened, and I began to have a small small talk with her. The girl turned out to be sociable, but did not love when the pious drank. I assured her that Andrew during the time that we worked very well proved, and the guys will not solder him. Just today everyone wants to relax, because they had to withstand a very intense pace of work. Natasha seems to have become more relaxed. I, meanwhile, felt the aroma of her sweetish spirits and the slight hue of alcohol coming from her lips. Her lips were very juicy. “Probably, in modern fashion it has injected something, but it’s very competently, without busting, it looks great!” I thought to myself. He noted that in a high heel she is just a little taller than me, her breasts are elastic, the size is larger than the second, but does not reach the full third. The waist under the dress was very pleasant to the touch. While we were sitting at the table, I didn’t look at it very much, communicating with my employees more - I’m still quite young, only twenty-eight, and many of the masters in my brigades are my fathers. And I had to let them know that it was they who worked for me, and not me their errand boy. But now, during the dance, I regretted a little that I did not have time to see the legs of my partner. “We could not see them at the table anyway, but when we went to the dance floor, we could have missed it ahead! Surely slim and chiselled. " Instead of legs, I admired her young fresh face, which was just a little bit of makeup. Natasha's eyes were blue, framed by long cilia. When she clapped with them, I restrained myself not to squeeze the girl closer to me. Releasing a couple of more or less decent jokes, he noted the wonderful wrinkles that appeared in the corners of her eyes when she laughed. While laughing, Natasha looked away to the side, and I lowered my eyes, looking at the hillocks of her breasts in the neck of the dress. It seems that she paid attention to this, but did not move away. "In the end, we dance, and dance is always a flirt." I still restrained myself, although my member made me understand that I would not mind putting off my trousers in front of a beautiful girl.

After the dance, we returned to the table and this time I missed the girl forward, looking at her legs open from the middle of the thigh with pleasure, and admiring how her dressing appetizing ass fits the dress. The blood from such a spectacle rushed to my loins, and I quickly sat down at the table. Andrei got quite strong, but he also talked about something with one of his colleagues. Natasha whispered something in his ear, but he only shook his head. The girl grimaced and, taking a clutch bag, went to the ladies' room. In the meantime, I was discussing something with Vitaly. The master wanted to clarify in which area they will work in a week and what is approximately expected there. After a while I went to the toilet. Along the way, I noticed that Natasha was standing next to some guy and was chatting lively with him. Judging by the facial expressions, she met a friend and stopped to chat with him. I noted that the guy throws candid glances at the girl’s neckline and her legs, and felt a stab of jealousy. Having done that and rinsing my hands, I went out and looked at the chatters. Natasha and her friend were still saying something, but the girl was already standing half a step further from the guy, but he was holding her by the elbow and was smiling at something to persuade. I slowed down. Judging by the gestures, the guy invited Natasha to his table, where the young company was sitting, but she did not agree. Eyes and physiognomy of the young man gave him a drunk degree. I went up to the guys and hugged the new acquaintance around the waist:

- Natasha, we will ask you the bill, I’ll take you home with Andrei, - my eyes calmly rested on the guy.

I have been involved in sports since the age of eight, mainly martial arts. First karate, then a very long hand-to-hand fight, and the last year fell in love with judo. In addition, several years ago, a bodybuilder friend invited me to the gym after I laughed at his physical function. There, he taught me a couple of lessons on working with weights, and I began not only to respect literate strokes, but I myself also began to pay much more attention to my external parameters. Therefore, although I was not a big bull, my shoulders and chest, coupled with confidence in my own abilities, usually helped to avoid physical conflicts with jerks. It happened this time. Although the boy was hot with alcohol, but my firm look and confident behavior made him remove his hand from Natasha's elbow.

- Hello, - I did not respond to his greeting, and slightly bowed his head, looking at the girls at his table.

“Hmm ... it would be better for me to be so blithely * happy. There it seems like not everyone else has turned twenty, and there are a little more clothes for them than for newborns. ” Natasha is embarrassed ...


- Yes, thank you, Vladislav. Bye, Pasha, - she walked past a friend.

I, walking past him, bumped into the deliberately exposed shoulder of an asshole. Well, as "stumbled" - I went further along its trajectory, and turned it back a little. Pasha swallowed drunk and waved his hand, catching his balance. However, he touched a passing waiter and turned her tray with glasses.

- Bl * d! - Pasha looked around his hand and stepped over the broken glass.

I gave him a cold look and asked:

- You are not hurt?

- Not.

- Good. Do not forget to pay for the damage from your hands, - I looked him straight in the eyes and felt the fists begin to scratch and I razzernulsya to him the whole body.

At that moment, women's hands took me by the elbow.

“Y-yes, I get it,” Pasha's face began to blot. An administrator approached him.

I turned to Natasha and covered her hands with my palm:

- All is well?

- Yes. Everything is good. I just ... I thought that suddenly, because of me, you would fight, it would not be good then.

“Nothing, after all, beautiful girls are worth fighting for.”

Natalya blushed and looked away in embarrassment, but I managed to notice a smile on her face. We walked to the table on the arm, but for a few meters she let me go. I clapped my hands, drawing my colleagues' attention:

- So, friends, you are well, but at home is better. At last and do not forget to eat. I asked for the bill.

- So while we carry the bill just have time! - the guys poured brandy into glasses and pulled.

Andrei spoke already very vaguely, although a couple of my guys were also very “in condition”. Vitaly poured cognac remnants into glasses, and after this glass, with the words “Do not perish good!” He poured the remnants of whiskey. Alcohol was drunk, food was almost all eaten. Vitaly supported one of the guys - Oleg. His girlfriend had already called a taxi, and we walked to the parking lot. Sergei and I led Andrei under the shoulders, since he himself barely moved his legs. Seryoga, too, was very unsteady and more disturbed than he helped. But at least he was moving on his own. With my hand, I found the keychain in my pocket and clicked the lock. Andrei was laid in the back seat. With the boys shook hands, Oleg's girlfriend kissed the wives of our boys on the cheek. Vitaly protested:

- What kind of discrimination? Are we bald or something? - we laughed, as the master was really bald.

Oleg's girlfriend with a smile kissed his cheek and Seryoga. She came up to me and also pecked wet lips on the stubble, while she shot her eyes at Natalia, who was standing next to me, and I caught a suspicious squint. Vitalia was carrying his wife and they took Seryoga with his wife with them.

“Sit in front,” I took Natasha by the waist to the passenger side and gallantly opened the car door in front of her and gave her my hand.

Natasha landed in a chair, slightly squeezing my fingers. I noticed a dark triangle of her lace panties under a short black dress. I was keenly agitated, and I did not immediately close the door, but ran my hand over the girl’s bare shoulder. Passing in front of the hood, he noted that she was smiling, looking down at his feet.

- Vladislav, why are you alone?

- Call me Vlad, ok?

- Mm good. Vlad, why are you alone today?

- And on "you", ok? - I smiled, turning out of the parking lot.

- And nothing like that? You are Andrei's boss, right?

- Today, after all, no. Today I am just yours and his driver, - I specifically called them separately.

- Well, - the girl smiled, - So why were you alone in the restaurant today?

- I was with you actually. Remember we danced?

Natalia blushed, but it was obvious that she was pleased to flirt.

- Are you married?

- Not. I somehow prefer to be free.

- And ... you are not lonely? - I figured out the answer options and chose:

“Sometimes everyone is lonely,” Natasha glanced at the sleeping husband, serenely sleeping in the backseat, and quietly agreed:

- Yes, that's for sure.

- How long have you been married?

- Three years. At the institute yet.

- Fellow students?

- We were still in school.

- Wow, is it school love? Great. My friends began to meet in the last class, but lasted only three months.

Natasha hesitated, and then said:

- Well ... in general ... this marriage was supposed to be. But in the sixth month I had a miscarriage.

- Oh, sorry for touching this, - the girl soothing shook her head:

- There is nothing. Andrei and I managed to sign and decided that we would not divorce. Anyway, met, so began to live together. With the children, however, they decided to postpone, until we stand on our feet.

“I understand that this is a responsible decision,” I felt a pang from my thoughts about my child, but now I have driven away these thoughts.

We drove while listening to soft music. At the entrance to their street, Natasha began to guide me. When turning into their yard, I stretched out in an armchair, pretending that, measuring the trajectory and put my hand on the girl's bare knee. Squeezing it a little bit, I did not feel the attempts to free myself. Turning, I smiled:

- Oh, sorry, I missed, - Natasha answered me with a smile.

- Never mind.

I removed my hand, while holding it up my thigh, even slightly lifting the edge of the dress.

- Where can I get up?

- There! - Natasha stretched out her hand through me, pointing to the empty space under the tree, - There we usually get up, but now they have given the car to the service.

I turned. Her hand was still stretched out, and Natasha's face was as close to me as the safety belt allowed. I reached for her and gently pecked on the cheek. She smiled shyly and rubbed her cheek against my face. Her hand fell on my shoulder and was there while I was parking.

They lived in a two-room apartment on the seventh floor. Immersed in the elevator, I pressed Andrew to the wall. He muttered something drunkenly. Natasha glanced at her husband and turned away to the door. My eyes again ran over her legs to priests. “Slightly wide, very feminine! Calves look awesome on heels. " I already wanted to reach out and hug Natasha by the waist, but then the elevator stopped and the doors opened. In the apartment Natasha dismissed Andrew, while I stood with him in my arms and unsealed me. I threw off my shoes and brought her husband to a small bright bedroom. "So, here he sleeps with her." A silk Asian-style robe caught my eye. Natasha asked to put the faithful on the bed and stay in the kitchen:

“I will give you tea,” and a blush appeared on her cheeks.

I put the water in the kettle and thought: “Well. The girl is surely ready to continue our acquaintance. ” I heard a rumble in the bedroom and rolled up my shirt sleeves, exposing my arms to the elbows. Natasha came to my kitchen, and I didn’t keep a cry:

- wow! - the girl quite smiled and raised her hands, tucking her brown hair in a ponytail at the nape.

Natasha dressed in the same silk robe, but, to my chagrin, put on short shorts, looking out from under the edge of the fabric. But still, now I saw her legs much more bare than before, and the silk fabric so gently clung to the shoulders of this girl, that a stir in my groin began.

- Vlad, do you drink green or black?

“Let it be green today.”

The girl brewed a teapot and put two mugs on the table. She took out a tiramisu tray from the refrigerator and gave me a fork.

- Um ... Tasty, is that homemade? - cold dessert melted in the mouth.

- Yes, I like to cook sweets, - Natalya was sitting next to me, leaning one hand on the table and leaning her chin on her fist.

We talked a little with her and ate excellent tiramisu, washed down with tea.

- Can you show your living room? - Natasha looked down and again became covered with a blush.

- Go there, I rinse the cups.

“It is reasonable that in the morning not to explain to my husband that I treated his boss to sweets!” I smiled at my thoughts and sat down on the sofa in the hall. The repair was good, it is clear that Andrei tried his best. I was even pricked ...

remorse, but then I thought of a girl in a silk robe, who was now hiding the traces of my presence in the kitchen and felt the flow of blood in my pants.

She sat next to me, stretching one leg under her. I put my hand on the back of the sofa, and Natasha leaned on her shoulder.

- Are you ... is it too late for you?

- No, I can still stay with you as much as I want. Nobody is waiting for me at home.

She looked away and said:

- Yes, I understand. Sometimes, too, I feel a little lonely.

- Andrew pays little attention?

- Well ... he has recently been relieving more of beer with beer than with ... what his wife is doing, - I guessed about what I was talking about.

- And how long?

- Well, it does not matter.

- Say.

- No, I will not say how much.

We were silent. I put my hand on her knee.

- You have a very beautiful bathrobe.

“Thank you,” her voice was a little hoarse.

- And eyes. During the dance, you fascinated me with them, - Natalya smiled and looked down into the small neckline of her robe.

“That’s why you’ve been shifting your eyes to another place.”

- You caught me! - I ran my hand over her hip.

Natasha lifted her head and looked directly at me, while effectively waving her eyelashes. There was a slight fear in the blue eyes. I took the girl by the hand and pulled over. Natalya gave me a meeting, but I leaned back, and by inertia she was above me. I noted how she had swallowed excitedly. With my own hands, I held the girl by the slender waist and tried not to pull her over, although I wanted to feel her body on myself before the shiver. We lay there for a few seconds, looking at each other. Here she moved her hands comfortably and gently sank. A soft chest touched me through the silk of the dressing gown and the cotton of my shirt. I put my hands below, almost touching her buttocks and gently stroking the girl. Natasha pressed her cheek against my stubble, and I felt her breath tickle my ear. The girl's legs lay between mine, and I no longer restrained an erection. My dick obviously leaned into her through the fabric. Natasha stirred a little, settling higher. Now I felt the head hollow between her legs. The girl lifted her head and kissed me on the lips. I enjoyed the softness of her lips, and then I felt a wet tongue slipping into my mouth. Sucking it, I bit her lips and let my hands finally squeeze those coveted buttocks. At the same time, I pressed the girl more into my penis. From Natasha burst a weary sigh.

- Vlad ... are we really going to do it now?

- Required.

Lips again found lips. I crushed her ass, sometimes stroking through the soft fabric of shorts. My member has already begun to faint from friction through the clothes, and I sent Natasha's hand to him. The girl did not tear herself away from my mouth and just squeezed him a little, as if not sure that she should go further.

- Are you protected?

- Y-yes.

- I can finish in you?

- We ... Usually, Andrei still put on a condom, so that for sure, - her blue eyes looked at me in confusion.

- So I can finish in you? - girl swallowed saliva and nodded softly.

- Yes. You can.

We kissed again, and my hands exposed the shoulders of the girl, more and more exposing the hemispheres of her breasts. With her hands Natasha finally began to unbutton my shirt, and soon we lifted ourselves up to rid me of her. The girl gently drove her hands on my torso. I pulled off my robe completely up to my elbows and now I could pull my chest to myself. My lips caressed the neck of a languidly breathing beauty. She pulled the elastic from her hair and shook her head, waving thick brown hair. I took one of the nipples in my mouth and sucked it, playing with the tip of my tongue. Natalie's hands unbuckled my belt and engaged my fly. I helped undo the button on the inside of the pants. Then I untied the belt of her dressing gown and opened the floor. In the navel flashed blue sparkle piercing. "Under the color of the eyes," I said to myself. Natasha ran her hand into my pants and rubbed a member through my underpants as I continued kissing her body. Velvety skin crawled at the touch of my hands. Finally, Natalya pulled my cock out and gently rubbed it with her hot palms. I raised my head and fixed a long kiss on her lips. After I pulled away from her, she ran her hands over my body, and I pressed down on her head. Natasha obediently leaned her body back and now her head was close to my groin. The girl's hands pulled my pants along with the panties down and left them at knee level. She kissed my belly, while my cock touched her neck. Natalya rubbed her cheek on him and took hold of the trunk with her hand. She froze for a second, as if afraid to decide. I filed a basin for her to meet. At first her head jerked back, but then she sank down. The soft lips kissed the head and went lower. When she reached the eggs, Natasha went down the trunk from the side and now connected her tongue to the kisses. I straightened her hair so that they would not climb into her mouth and prevent me from admiring the way she caresses my dick. On the other side of the trunk, Natasha has already opened her lips wider, leading a member between them. Sinking back to the scrotum, she now ran her tongue from the testicles to the very head and climbed toward me. She seemed a little uncertain to me.

- Didn't you often give Andrei a blow job?

- Yes ... Once before, my husband didn’t force him, but now I’m hardly ever sleeping with him.

- I really like how you caress me.

I kissed her and completely got rid of the pants. My hands played with Natasha's chest while she kissed me again. Then I ran my hands over her body, enjoying the smoothness of the skin, and I took off her shorts. Natasha was wearing lace dark-purple panties, and I began to stroke her pussy through a thin fabric. We sat sideways to each other and kissed, snuggling our bodies. I felt her chest and with one hand continued to massage the pussy of someone else's wife. Her kisses became more passionate, her tongue persistently made its way as deep as I could into my mouth, my lips demandingly sucked my tongue into myself. The fabric of the panty got wet, and I decided to rid Natasha of them. Now I could feel her shortly cropped pubic hair and more actively massage the girl's vagina. I sometimes touched her cushion with my pillow and stroked it with wet fingers from Natasha's discharge. The girl's breathing became deeper, with one hand she podrachila my cock, and the second pressed my face to me, so I kissed her neck and collarbone. I already ran my fingers into her bosom, scrolling them in different directions there in order to stretch them beforehand. From these manipulations, Natasha sometimes made quiet moans. After a while, I felt that she was putting her hips together. Natalia threw her head back, her hand froze on my penis. His eyes were closed, his nostrils fluttered. I actively moved my fingers inside her, and with my lips I took the nipple. Natasha was convulsed with ecstasy. Removing her hand from my dick, she took herself by the free breast and squeezed her nipple. The body was moving towards my fingers and now there was a quiet, drawn-out moan. I continued to stroke her pussy, waiting for Natasha to come to his senses. That opened her eyes, she pressed her face to my body.

“God ... how good it is when I don't do it myself.”

I kissed her and played a little more with the vagina.

“Natasha, go downstairs,” my lover obediently knelt on the floor.

I pulled her hair from the back of my head into a fist and pulled her to the groin with force. I like to fuck girls in the mouth. I can be a gentle lover, but when I get sucked, I like to dominate my mistress. Natasha obediently shook her head at the pace I set. Her lips tightly wrapped the head, but deeply immerse the member in her mouth did not work - she put her hands on my hips and did not allow me to fuck myself deeper. Nevertheless, I began to moan with pleasure.

- Yes, Natasha, you perfectly suck my dick, - hearing such encouragements, she more diligently began to move her head, putting her mouth on my trunk, - Um ... How awesome ...

This familiar Pasha from the restaurant came up in my head: “Yes, I broke off you notably. Nipple is not the most skillful, but diligent. Yes, and on the face prettier than yours will be ". The idea that Natasha was pasted today by some old acquaintance, and I stole this girl, excited me greatly.

- Can you kiss? - the hoarse voice of my nipples distracted from thoughts. I also pushed the back of her head by the hair and kissed her lips relishly:

- So?

“More, please,” she breathed heavily, and there were lights in her eyes.

I did not let go of her hair and kissed her more passionately. At the same time, I twisted the tail in a fist so that Natasha sometimes moaned in pain. But I knew the measure and tried not to overdo it. Having finished with tenderness, I got up from the couch and slightly pulled Natalia up, forcing the buttocks to come off from the heels. My cock poked her lips, and she hand straightened him, driving him into the mouth. Now I could move her to meet a pelvis and at the same time tighten my head on my bolt. Natasha was holding the trunk of my penis with her hand, so that, the amplitude of penetration was still limited, but still - I penetrated deep enough. In fact, I now fully fucked Natasha in the mouth. Thinking about her husband in the next room, about the unfortunate suitor from the restaurant, I was getting excited more and more. Here, the hot waves went up through my body. Cheeks flushed, I breathed like a locomotive. Natasha, too, noisily snuffled and smacked her lips, feeling how I fucked her in the mouth. I took her hand from the trunk and got myself on the buttock. Also acted with the second hand. But up to the stop I did not enter yet, I just continued to move, penetrating a little deeper. Feeling that I could no longer restrain myself, I took my chin with my free hand and lifted her face a little to me as much as I could:

- Remember, I love you.

Natasha blinked and began to actively sit down head on my dick.

- Aah ... - I did not hold back any longer and sent a volley of sperm into her throat.

I firmly pressed Natalia to me, at the same time powerfully pushing my pelvis forward and finally penetrated her right in the throat. She choked and tried to burp, but it could not be done with a member of the throat. The girl's nose rested against my pubis, my hands clenched my buttocks. After the first wave of orgasm, I took pity and took out my dick a little, remaining in her mouth. Natasha wanted to be completely free, but I did not give up, continuing to fuck her. Sperm continued to fly out of the trunk, and my mistress coughed, choking on my seed. I felt how wet saliva mixed with my secretions and envelops my dick.

- Oh ... Natasha ... I do not remember when I finished like that.

In the eyes of the girl were tears, breathing is shot down, the mascara of evening makeup flowed, forming dark circles around the eyes. But when she heard my words she tried to smile. I noticed streams of my sperm flowing from the corners of my mouth. Natasha tried to wipe them away with her hand, but I sat back on the sofa and pulled her hair towards me.

- You ... want more? - she smiled at me, and I looked very seriously into blue eyes.

- I want you.

Natalia again bent over a member. I put my hands behind my head, no longer directing my mistress, but just blinking, regaining my breath. Natasha, meanwhile, smacked from zeal, carefully sucking the remnants of the seed and caressing the head with the tongue from the channel. I sometimes started when it was very ticklish, because after orgasm my penis became very sensitive, and then she generously moistened the head with saliva. The blood began to fill the cavernous bodies again, and now Natasha has been working in a larger amplitude, swallowing the already almost risen member. I decided not to wait until he was fully in combat and lifted her hands to his knees.

“Oh, wait, I'll see how my husband is,” Natalya walked uneasily toward the bedroom.

I spent her gaze, noting how the buttocks sparkle under the short hem of the robe. A picture arose in my head, like a drunk Andrei lying on a matrimonial bed, the door opens slightly and his wife just otyo * naya in the mouth peeps his head in. Looks like she is - in an open robe, under which her naked boobs are visible, flashing her short-cropped pubis over the moist vaginal slit, with flowing mascara around the eyes, tears on her cheeks and traces of someone else's sperm on her chin. She looks cautiously there, fearing that Andrew, whom she had last impersonal called the “husband” a couple of times, will wake up and interrupt this betrayal that has taken place. Although, why not to the end? She had just taken another man into her mouth, sucked the member of her husband’s boss, swallowed the sperm of a man she practically didn’t know in the next room while school love was lying on their bed together, drooling over clean bed linen. And she liked it. I liked that they want her, that she is considered a woman, a female, on which a member stands.

Natalia returned, I saw tears in my eyes.

- All is well?

“Yes,” she sat down next to me, hugging me, and I put my arm around her shoulders, while slightly lowering her robe, “He is fast asleep.”

- And you wanted him to wake up?

“Well ...” she faltered, trying to figure herself out, “Just why can't we fuck like that?” Do not fuck at all, why do I drink pills?

I kissed her on the forehead, then on the nose. She raised her head higher, closing her eyes, and I kissed her on the lips.

- You can fuck with me. When you want.

Our lips came together again, and Natasha's hand lay on my beginning to calm down member. Warm palm caused a pleasant languor. I pulled the robe down. “Enough, I've played enough with Natasha in silk.” The girl allowed herself to undress and now both of us were completely naked. I caressed her body with my hands and mouth, sometimes with my hand penetrated Natasha's hole, checking how she was moistened there. She no longer took it in my mouth, but I no longer needed it. The member is almost completely up, and I turned her ass to me. Natasha got up on all fours, resting her hands on the arm of the sofa. I smoothly inserted my dick into her wet hole. The foreskin completely pulled back, completely exposing the head. Outside, I left only the trunk, making slow movements to and fro. Natasha was breathing heavily, listening to the sensations. I put one foot on the couch and swung forward a little harder, bringing the member further. My lover exhaled a long breath. My hands pulled her thin waist over and a member went into the vagina half.

“Um ...” she felt good.

Eyes closed, head down - she completely surrendered to the will of her lover. I continued to slowly move in her pussy, gradually pulling Natasha more and more. Here is my pubis rested on her buttocks and a member completely immersed in a hot hole. She shivered finely and made another long sigh. It was not yet a full orgasm, but rather a manifestation of moral satisfaction from the fact that her hot pussy filled a strong and powerful member. I froze like that, but Natalia herself pulled back a little and planted on my trunk. I continued to stand, and she fucked herself with my dick. Here her buttocks demanded pressed to the bottom of my stomach and slightly pressed down, begging for activity from her lover. I stroked the ass of my new girlfriend and started making frictions. Natasha often began to breathe, her arms were supported with elbows on the sofa, her head was hidden between the hands - she completely surrendered to the senses. We were in contact with each other with soft, slaps of a naked body on a naked body. I admired how nature described its silhouette in such a position. The heart-shaped butt turned into a thin waist without folds, the back was slightly wider and the edges of her breasts were visible. Fragile shoulders, slender neck. I ran my hand along my back along the spine and with a force several times pounded my dick into her until the very end, summoning muffled moans from her chest. A couple of minutes later I sat down on the sofa and pulled Natalia into my lap. She threw a leg over me and eagerly saddled a member. Closing her eyes and putting her hands on my shoulders, Natasha began to move forward and backward on the trunk so that it massaged her slit ....

I held the girl by the waist, sometimes squeezing the buttocks, with my lips caught swinging in front of me chest. And do not forget to move the pelvis, so that she felt under a living member, and not just sticking a dildo.

- Natasha, turn your back to me.

She did not immediately hear, and I had to repeat. Natalya meekly got off her penis and immediately sat down on him again. Now her hands rested on my hips, and I could not actively pry her with my pelvis. But I did not have to - my clever with soft moans rose up and immediately fell down. I sat and held her waist, watching as the round ass soars and falls on me, hiding in the vagina a member of the "Flip-flop-slap-shlop ...".

- You feel good? She turned her head slightly to ask.

- Indescribably, Natasha.

- Me too, with you soooo good ...

She turned away again and continued to fuck. I gave her another minute, and then pulled her waist to me and laid her under the sofa, face down. I entered it from behind, crushing the elastic buttocks, flushed from our swotting. My palms were under her warm belly, and she held them with her own hands. Natasha turned her face to the side, and I saw her mouth open. The cilia quivered and the face was sometimes puzzled with pleasure. I kissed her ear and sucked the lobe.

- Aah ...

“Natasha, open your eyes,” I wanted to see these blue sparks.

Her eyes were clouded and there was so much pacification and humility in them that I could not stand it and began to fuck her more actively.

- Oh ... y-yeah ... Y-yes ... quieter ... y-yes ... More ... y-yes ... just like that ... - it looks like she was coming to orgasm , - Aah ... aah ... aahhh ... yeah ... aahhh ... aahhh ...

Natasha restrained loud moans, but could not be completely silent. So she turned her face away and buried it under the pillow of the couch beneath her, the body began to convulse. Natalya pulled her legs to her and my dick jumped out of her quivering pussy, but I stuck four fingers into her vagina at once and pushed them inside.

- Ahhhh !!! Ummm ... - a loud moan escaped from her chest, which she immediately tried to muffle. My fingers were completely wet from the discharge of his mistress, from the vagina began to splash liquid and scatter from the movements of my hand.

- Umm ... uummm ... mmm ... - Natasha mumbled and shuddered from the orgasm, falling on his side.

Here the breathing began to level off, the body began to calm down, the trembling let go. I took my hand out of Natasha's vagina and stroked her sex lips outside.

- Vlad, - she quietly called me, without opening her eyes, - Have you finished?

- No, you will rest now, and I will continue to fuck you.

She nodded, also with her eyes closed. I hung over her and gently kissed her lips.

“Natasha, open your eyes, I fell in love with them,” she smiled and gave me a gentle look, “These are buttercups.”

- Why are buttercups?

“Well, they are so blue for you,” Natasha laughed softly.

- Blue is cornflowers.

- Yes? Well, nothing, I will remember.

I ran my hand through the inside of her flattened hips, and Natasha spread her legs invitingly, lifting them higher.

- Ready?

“My pilot ... is always ready,” she said these words softly and as if embarrassed, but I smiled, encouraging her vulgarity and kissed my little girl passionately.

The member gently slid into a warm vagina and slid, bathing in the secretions of the female body. Natasha hugged me, quietly breathing on my cheek and stroking my back. I no longer studied with my hands the body of my mistress, realizing that she was all mine and I still have time to enjoy it in bed. Now I just focused on my penis and those feelings that I experienced. The fluid inside enveloped the trunk and the head, the walls of the vagina were slightly reduced.

“Now your cap is really mine.”

- Yes ... All yours ...

I again thought about her husband and Pasha. He smiled, imagining how many guys would like to fuck this girl. "And I got it!" The eggs began to familiarize themselves, preparing to throw out a new portion of sperm. “Today is Friday, evening. Many, too, at this very time fuck. And someone wallows, like Natasha's husband is drunk in snot, while his faithful is pulled over by their x * and other men. Natasha was still lucky. Surely there are those who are now in a few trunks pyalyat ". I moved more actively, crushing his mistress.

- Um ... soon finish in you.

- Yes, as agreed, - she kissed me and put one hand on her chin, looking into my eyes.

They had such attention and tenderness that I regretted that we did not fuck eyes-in-eyes before. But now it was no longer possible to restrain myself, and I slightly raised myself on my arms, loudly slapping about it with each friction. Short silent moans began to erupt from Natasha again.

- Ah ... a ... a ... a ... a ... a ... a ..., - my mistress's face tightened.

"Really?". Natasha bent slightly, but this time she did not close her eyes. I felt my dick begin to throb and at the same time her vagina responded with frequent contractions. I used to cum in Natasha's womb, and she gratefully accepted her, looking me straight in the eyes and ending. Our breathing from our mouths came across halfway and doused us with fever. I lay on it with empty eggs, feeling like it is still trembling a little. Tongue licked dry lips. Natalya drew me to her and generously moistened them with her saliva, running her tongue over them. I licked my lips again.

- You feel good?

- Highly. Now we will often be fine.

- Often?

- Yes, if you want - we kissed.

- Vlad ...

- What, Natalia?

- Please ... Let it not affect Andrei in any way.

I nodded, still not lying to her:

- I promise.

We still kissed. My cock came out of it, and I sat down, looking at this young body in front of me. Natasha did not move her legs and my gaze opened her pussy, from which a cloudy liquid appeared. I put a member to the vagina and shoved him a little inside, forcing back the sperm: "Let everything remain in it." Natalia laughed softly and sat down, kissed me on the lips.

- You are so good ... I have never made love in my life.

- I, too, was just amazing with you.

We fool around a bit more, talking quietly or laughing. Then she went into the bath to clean up. So I sat naked on her couch with her husband and looked at the room. The hand involuntarily lay on the penis and began to massage it. When Natasha returned, he was a little stronger.

“You are very beautiful,” my mistress had completely washed off the makeup, and now it became clear that she really only emphasized the natural beauty.

- Thank you, - she threw on her robe and thoughtfully looked at the member, - Do you want more?

- Suck me, please.

Natasha obediently knelt down in front of me and straightened her hair. His mouth touched his dick, and her head moved. I put my hand on the back of the girl’s head, but didn’t press, I just held it. I did not try to hold back and enjoyed her mouth. Natasha was now bolder and took eggs in her mouth, rolling them with her tongue, pushed the dick by the cheek and drove them along the inner wall.

I said hoarsely:

- Natasha, I want to tell you something and want you to take it as a compliment.

- y? - she did not take out my member, only stopped, looking at me questioningly.

- You are amazing nipple!

By the way the corners of her lips rose around my penis, her eyes sparkled, and wrinkles appeared in the corners of her eyes, I realized that she was smiling sincerely. Natasha licked her head and continued ostavyvat me. A few minutes later I began to press it, feeling the rolling wave. I finished, and she diligently took everything, holding the seed flowing from her mouth with her hands. When my cock was released, Natasha opened and closed her mouth several times, rolling my sperm there, swallowing it little by little into the esophagus.

- Thank you, my dear, - I ran a hand through her hair.

Natasha, I smiled and kissed the corner of her lips. I'm leisurely ...

dressed, and she went to look at her husband. Then I heard the sound of a boiling kettle from the kitchen. Stepping out to her, I took a mug of hot drink and hugged her, pressing my back to me. So we stood, looking at our reflection in the window and sipping tea. Natasha sometimes rubbed her buttocks on my pants. I kissed her neck and, having estimated my strength, put our cups on the table. I pulled up her dressing gown on the back, bending the lover over the table top.

“Oh, Vlad, here the wall through the bedroom is very thin,” whispered Natasha.

- I don't care, I want you here.

I took off my pants and entered the girl from behind. A member entered smoothly, I slowly rubbed them, plunging a few centimeters. When it became a little more wet, I plunged into a mistress completely. My hands loosened the gown belt, and I opened it a bit to see my girl's tits in the window reflection. I moved, holding her by the buttocks. Natasha podmahivala me and through reflection looked at how we fuck. I did not gouge her so that the drunken husband in the next room would not put in my head the sounds of our sex from the kitchen. My dick moved quickly inside her pussy, massaging her vagina. Natalya often breathed and twisted her ass, arousing me. My shirt was wet, and sweat dripped from my forehead on my mistress's buttocks. I rubbed their hand on the surface of her priests and continued to fuck a young girl. Here, I realized that I could finish, but I was holding back, waiting for Natasha. She didn’t take long to wait, apparently, the situation made her very excited, and the young body shuddered. My back arched, and I gave a volley of sperm, filling her vagina with my seed again. I exhaled a long breath.

- Wait, do not leave, please ... - lover, without straightening, took my hand and quietly trembled on the penis.

- I am here, do not be afraid - I also answered in a whisper.

Leaning down, I took hold of her chest and squeezed them, enjoying the softness of her beautiful boobs. Finally, she leaned back, and we cleaned ourselves up. I sat on a chair, and Natasha sat on me like a rider. We kissed without talking. I stroked her body through the robe, under the robe. Tea became barely warm when we seemed to be filled with each other. We finished it, and Natasha rinsed the mugs. At that time I was embracing her from behind, clinging to a tender body.

- Will you go?

- Yes. But I will never leave.

Sweet kiss, hugs. I took it off the floor and carried it out to the hallway. Here I put on my shoes, and Natalya suddenly leaned back again:

- Do you want me to suck you?

- Come on.

The girl knelt down and undid her fly. She pulled out only a member, lowered the gum of pants and began to caress me with her mouth. I pressed my back to the wall and lowered my head, looking into her eyes. "And the truth, blue cornflowers." Visual contact with this girl sucking me caused a squeezing feeling in my chest. The member soon swelled, and after a while began to pulsate. This time I took it out of Natasha’s mouth and put it on my chin. With her hand, I podrachival member, squeezing out of his cum on her chin, cheeks, nose, lips. She drove her face down the trunk, carefully wiping it on herself. When I finished, I ran a member, and she said:

- I am coming right now.

The girl flew away to the bathroom, returned a minute later, without any traces of sperm and threw her arms around my neck. We still stood in the hallway kissing and rejoicing at what had happened. I am fond of her hot body. Her number was scored on my phone, and mine was on her phone. She did not invent anything for the conspiracy, and she wrote me down “Vlad. Head husband. I also wrote her "My lover."

P. s.: Natasha and I have met more than a year, and maybe I’ll tell you some more about one of our meetings. I even fell in love with this girl. Andrei left me about one and a half years ago, having assembled his own brigade. They began to engage in more simple repairs, and I sometimes handed him clients simpler. Andrei was happy, sometimes he sought advice. Natasha continued to change him with me, regularly coming to my home, and every time I was amazed how you could not fuck such a passionate beautiful wife. After a while, I realized that I wanted her all the time and wanted to offer her to completely leave her husband. But I did not have time. In one of our meetings, Natalia reported that Andrew offered to have a baby. For me it was a blow, and I asked if she wanted to stay with me. Natasha asked for a week to think, but then I received a message from her: "Forgive, darling." I just answered her: "I will always remember you ...". Last time I saw her catch a glimpse in one shopping center. Everything is just as beautiful, only the priest has become a little wider, but this makes it even more appetizing. I was then pricked straight in my chest, and she waved her hand to me and smiled, like an old friend. But then she went on, talking with a friend and pushing a pink stroller in front of her