The following has actually happened last year. I am a teacher of the discipline "Programming" in one of the universities of Russia. I am 36 years old, long dark hair, of small stature. Married 6 years. No children, although very much with her husband want.

I am satisfied with the work, I teach right after the end of the uni, for more than 10 years. I mainly teach my subject to the course. And here with one of the groups of the first course I was sent by the dean's office and vice-rector for education for a 15-day exchange of experience. The fact is that our university half a year ago accepted a group from Germany and now, in response, we are flying to them.

Expected a super vacation. Since the flight was paid for by the parents of the students, and in general small expenses required some financial expenses, not all the students of the group were able to fly. There were 7 boys and 3 girls. From accompanying two curators and translator: I, my colleague Victoria, and translator Marina.

Upon arrival we were greeted warmly. We were accommodated in a good hostel. Attended cultural events, spent a lot of time in two local universities. Especially impressive classes in robotics. The time was the beginning of autumn, so it seemed still comfortable to take us out to nature. Housed in a campsite. Something like our pioneer camp, only all the conditions are more civilized.

For students allocated rooms in one-story small houses. Three to four people in the room. And there was one bigger house, where we were placed in single rooms with colleagues.

On the first day we walked around the neighborhood, swam in a small river nearby, sunbathed, played volleyball with the locals.

In the evening a small feast, turning into a disco.

When almost everyone broke up, Vika and Marina decided to “sit down with the girls” ... Having pretty much signed up on all sorts of alcohol, Marina began to closely interact with the elements of flirting with the elements of flirting and flirting with the teachers Gelbert who were unoccupied, and Vika stumbled to the side of her room. .

A German began to stick to me, aggravating my already drunken state, having drunk a few glasses of something on my brotherhood. Understanding that I can already just fall asleep even standing up from drunk, I politely said goodbye as best I could. And taking a bottle of alcohol in case of a heavy hangover morning, I went to my room

Having entered the room, I quickly took a shower and undressed for sleep, let the hops let me go a little and out of curiosity I decided to take a sip from an imported bottle so that I could be cut off for sure, because some noise from the outside prevented me from concentrating on my sleep in a new place. I do not know what was in the bottle, but after a couple of minutes I was asleep.

I woke up from the fact that I wanted to drink wildly. The room was still dark, which meant it was still night. I was just about to get up, when I heard that someone was trying to get into my room. No, no longer trying, someone snuck into my room. Wild horror plus my half-fuzzy state prevented me from thinking normally, so the brain decided that it seemed to me. But I was afraid to get out of bed. Someone went to the edge of the bed and I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. But not for long, I dared to open my eyelids on a very, very small slit so that the stranger could not see that I had discovered him. In the part of the room where the window was located, there was a new scuffle. “Oh my god, he's not alone,” flashed through my mind. Who is it and what they need. The answer to the second part of the question began to clear up when, after some thought, the first stranger began to very carefully push the lower part of the blanket aside. I clung to horror! There is already the second got to bed. Fully exposing me from the bottom to the waist, carefully taking me through with my blanket with my head, there was a deathly silence. The upper part of me, together with my head, lay under a double layer of blanket, and the lower part appeared in all its glory before the Germans. For some reason it seemed to me that it was precisely the local drunken teachers who got into me.

But here I hear a familiar speech through a blanket: “Mish, on the other hand, shine ...”

Only Michael K., my eighteen-year-old student, can be here in this part of the world from Misha. Pimply nerd, high achiever, a person who, with all his appearance, frightens his peers.

“Who is the second?” - I think, having slightly moved my blanket, only in order not to suffocate. My maneuver was not noticeable for those present. They were only keen on looking at my almost shaved pussy. And I could see the second one. Well, of course the second even more disgusting appearance, nerd. On the fact that this Kohl is a virgin, I could put anything. Although he and his friend were already 18 years old.

Having only clarified the picture, I plucked up my resolve to tear the perverts to smithereens, when I heard: “Come on,” and felt a hot breath on my crack. For some reason, it once again became terrible for me to meet face to face with my students after all they had seen, and now in that situation. Why do I need publicity ... While all this was spinning in my head, whose fingers touched my lower lips. Then light strokes followed.

I finally lost my head from what I had drunk, and I made a drunken decision: let the boys watch, stroke and leave. By the quiet. And I just never will remember this. Comes to a more serious then naoru.

Someone decided to connect the lips and tongue while I was talking about everything. I think I began to leak. Very nice and exciting to me it all began to act. It seems I even gave a light moan a couple of times, but either the guys accepted it as a sleepy moan, or they were busy and didn't notice at all.

The next step was to remove the blanket from me. I didn’t like it at all, since they interrupted the caresses for this time, and I was ready to experience an orgasm, and now I’ll have to always keep my eyes completely closed.

They pulled off the blanket, one returned to the pussy kisses, the second began to touch something on my lips. I quickly guessed that this is a member. From the smacking sounds, I realized that he was also cheering. Then he turned his free hand over and stroked his chest. It lasted 5 minutes, not more. I felt a hot liquid on my chest. And then the moans below me and the stream on my pussy and pubis.

Then wiped something, covered and quickly ran away.

Nobody knows about it to this day. And the boys and I pretended that there was nothing. I am glad that the course of lectures that I gave was only half a year. And I did not have all their studies at the university had to see them.