Hello! =) You can call me Vlad.

It happened during my university studies. I then studied at the fourth year, and after couples I trained children in the section of hand-to-hand combat in the same school that I had once graduated from. In spring, the head teacher came to me and said that they want to take the five-graders to the water park in neighboring Poland and they need adult escorts for two days. The teachers were a class teacher from one of the fifth grades, two moms from parents of different classes, and the head teacher asked me to go so that the women had a “male shoulder”. The male team at school was reduced to the caretaker-drunkard and the ancient watchman. Having specified the alignment - a voucher, accommodation, meals paid for - I agreed. Departure was scheduled for Saturday at eleven, returning on Sunday after six in the evening. My visa was open and there were no problems.

On Saturday, I chatted a bit with Natalia Pavlovna - the class teacher of the 5th “B”. She was the eldest on the trip. This is an aunt of indefinite age, of Soviet hardening, strict in moderation. Two ladies came up — one about thirty, another kind of older — probably a little under forty, and she looked kind of annoyed. From a short conversation, it turned out that these were two moms from parental committees - Olga Viktorovna (younger) and Nadezhda Sergeevna (older). With Olga Viktorovna was a boy from my section - Artem. He boldly shook my hand and ran to the guys from the class. And Nadezhda Sergeevna reported that her daughter came down with a temperature and no water park shines on her. The women hovered, Natalya Pavlovna lamented that the three of them will be hard, but we will try to cope, and let her go home and heal her daughter. However, Nadezhda Sergeevna categorically cut off this undertaking:

- No, my daughter and mother-in-law will be with my daughter. I got ready for fishing here, and I work in shifts and have already changed my colleague for the weekend. So let your mother help her, and I will help you, since I promised you.

From her tone, it seemed to me that this decision was preceded by family proceedings with my husband. “Most likely, I was dissatisfied with the fact that he decided to leave her with her mother-in-law at home, and he wanted to dump a fishing fish!”

The children began to sit down in places on a large bus, but I helped put the small bags with things in the luggage. I only had a backpack with me - do I need a lot for a day? Just something: a pair of changes of linen and socks, loose clothing for the hotel, brush, paste, towel, shale for water park and smelting. Well, another snack on the road.

The bus started off, I was hoping that I would sit next to Olga, but she sat next to Natalia Pavlovna and chatted about something with enthusiasm. "And, exactly, her Artyomka is studying in Pavlovna in the classroom!" Then I sat down next to Nadezhda:

- Hello, I am Vlad, - I extended a hand to the woman.

- Hello. Hope, she was obviously a little annoyed, and maybe she felt guilty that she left her daughter at home on emotions and left for the water park herself.

- What is your daughter's name?

- Daughter? Nastya. Armored.

- Oh, Nastya! She started to go to workout with me, - understanding flashed through my companion’s eyes and her face softened a little.

- Are you a melee trainer?

- Yes.

- Yes, I remembered. We Nastya on gymnastics were transferred to the sports school near the house.

“Well, this is good, she is flexible, but the combat sport does not quite suit her.”

- Yes, we are not that we raise her as an athlete at all, the main thing is that she is healthy.

We talked about everything up to the border. During this time I noticed that Hope is really angry with her husband and clearly does not like her mother-in-law. She loves her daughter and really reproaches herself for leaving her at home. "Maybe he is afraid that his mother-in-law and dad will be slandering mother." A woman she was clearly responsible and strong, with good organizational skills. And also ... I got on it. And he got up at the very beginning of the conversation.

Of course, when you are young, hormones beat you with a key, and even spring - an erection catches up at unexpected moments. But it was not exactly the case. Maybe the fact is that until now I slept with my peers, plus or minus two or three years, and Hope was much older than me and it was some kind of challenge or trophy. I don't know exactly what was so incredibly luring me in her. Her strong character, coupled with a beautiful appearance, made me constantly return my view, which always fell on her lips. “I want to kiss” - this was one of the first thoughts about her when we began to communicate. It was then that my cock and flew up.

Hope had a beautiful chiselled face with pronounced cheekbones. Curly dark hair descended below the shoulders, there was no trace, but no one would call her thin. The chest clearly stood out with two beautiful poured knolls under a light blue blouse. While we were standing on the street, I noticed that of all the adults on the way, she is the tallest, half a head taller than me. That turned me on too. Her hips were tightly pressed with jeans and looked incredibly alluring.

At the border, our customs officers looked in, ran, collected passports and returned them with marks of intersection. On the other side, we stood in line for more than an hour, and then the Poles took us out of the bus. We passed through the customs point one by one, personally receiving marks with stamps in the passport. I helped women look after the children. Olga went to collect past customs at the bus. Natalia Pavlovna spent several children in the toilet and also went to our transport. Nadezhda and I controlled the rest of the kids. I passed the customs control last and went through the turnstile to the others. Nadezhda opened the door, and schoolchildren poured into the street, where Natalya Pavlovna cried out on the overly noisy. I held the door, and when Nadezhda came out, he touched his palm to her waist. She slightly turned her head, but said nothing, moreover, it seemed to me that the corners of her lips had slightly risen.

When we took our seats, Nadezhda turned to me and her knees were closer to me. I also turned my back to the aisle and face it. Our legs touched and my loins immediately felt the flow of blood. Hope did not move away, we continued to chat about anything, but now she often smiled at me, her eyes began to appear larger and sparkles flashed in them. She folded her palms together and held them between her thighs. I sometimes lowered my eyes to her hands, fantasizing how hot it was there now. I did not hide the mound on my jeans, and Nadia sometimes glanced at my groin.

To the hotel at the water park, we got about five o'clock. The rooms were already all painted in advance and I got a single. Olga settled with her son, who was very unhappy about it and wanted to live with the boys. Natalia Pavlovna also received odnushku, and Nadia gave the keys to the double, because initially it was assumed that she would be with her daughter.

I didn’t put my belongings anywhere, just washed myself, went over my backpack and went to the hall. Several of our children rushed there, Nadia sat in a chair, dressed in a light sundress. I approached her and made a compliment to her mind:

- Look great, very spring-like - she smiled.

- Thank you, Vlad!

- Where is your bag? - she really had only a purse with her.

- I will not go to the water park itself - I do not like chlorinated water.

- But here it is not the same as in our pools. Here, in general, it is almost as if people are being cleaned, - Nadia again awarded me a smile.

- Yes, anyway, I wanted to go more with Nastya.

- And what will you do? - Nadia opened her eyes wide and whispered softly:

- I'll go to the bar. What else can a single woman do on vacation?

- Why lonely? I will keep you company, - Hope looked away.

- Why do you need Vlad? Go, swim. For children help watch.

I did not like this option. "If she decided to take revenge on her husband, then I will do everything to help her in this! ...

And I won't give anyone any chance! ”

- Natalia Pavlovna and Olga will look after the children. Moreover, in the water park itself, and why not look at them. And if such a girl is sad, then I have to make her company and help her to relax.

Nadia looked at me carefully and nodded slowly.

- Oh well.

Twenty minutes later, the children and their escort fled to the water park area, and Nadia and I went out into the city. I occasionally held her hand, touched her waist, generally made tactile contact, forced me to get used to my touch. She was not particularly opposed. At some point, being intoxicated with solitude with such a woman, I ventured to put my hand on her lower back. But not for a second, allegedly to hold or send somewhere, but practically embraced her as a girl. Nadia at the same time made a small movement towards me, so that we became closer. We openly chatted, and then I lowered my palm below and stroked her thin buttocks through the thin fabric of a sundress. My heart was pounding. I looked at her face and was afraid that now she would interrupt my advances, but Nadia smiled and lowered her face, hiding emotions. She did not remove my hand and did not move it away. Then I pulled her close to me, and we went hugging, and my hand sometimes fell on her elastic ass and stroked her coveted body.

We reached a park and decided to take a bench in the setting sun. When we sat down, I pulled Nadya to me. The woman crossed her legs, and I stroked her thigh, continuing to chat about anything. I managed to make her laugh and white teeth blinded me, circling my head. I was no longer limited to just stroking, and sometimes I bravely squeezed Nadine's ass. But when I stretched my lips to her, she turned her head away, exposing my cheek. True, it didn’t upset me much: I left the first kiss just below my cheekbones, and secured the second on her neck. Nadya laughed:

- Well, you and brave, Vlad!

“With such a lady, any man must be brave,” she turned to me and looked intently into the eyes. I reached for her again, but Nadezhda put her cheek back on me. And my lips again walked around her neck. She paused for a moment, thinking about something. Then uttered:

“That's what, Vlad,” her voice became quieter, and a languid breathing was heard in it, “I think that alcohol in local bars is very expensive, so for a good evening, we'd better buy a bottle of wine somewhere.”

- I have a brandy.

- Yes? - Nadia was surprised.

- Yeah, I bought in dyuti fries, - of course, I bought it even in the ghostly hope of seducing with import drink Olga, of course, did not.

- What are you prudent.

- Yeah, - my lips were busy with her neck, - And I also took chocolate.

- Sweet tooth?

- A little bit.

Nadia finally turned to me. Her hand lay on my face, and her lips pressed against mine. I felt the heat of her hot mouth and my tongue rushed towards her, intertwining halfway with her tongue. Nadia played with his tip and sucked him in, causing me to moan pleasure. I pulled her to me and was ready to just fill up this woman right in that park, but she pulled back.

- Let's go to? - Nadia breathed deeply, her hair got off a bit (I have no idea when I managed to bruise her like this), one sundress of a sundress slid down, exposing her shoulder.

- Yes, just a second.

I pulled Hope to me, she laughed, thinking that I would kiss her again, but my hand pulled one of her breasts out of the sundress. The woman gasped when I, having bent my head, absorbed her dark nipple between the lips.

- Vlaaaaaad ... - I held my full chest full of blood, caressing her from the side and bottom, and with my tongue I played with the papilla, sometimes massaging his halo.

- H-do not ...

Nadezhda pushed me away and corrected sundress. Her face burned, she rose into her arms, holding my hand. The way to the hotel was monstrously long, although we were moving rapidly. This time, our bodies constantly touched - if I could not hug her somewhere, then I firmly held her hand.

And in the hotel we were in for an unpleasant surprise. In the hall Nadia abruptly threw my hand and swiftly turned to the toilet. I was a little taken aback and jerked after her, and then stopped, seeing Olga at the reception. There were a few kids around it. “Bl * d! Are they all already? !! ”- I looked at my watch and gasped inwardly. “Well, yes, lovers do not notice the clock. Although in my case, rather lustful. "

I approached them, feeling the heat let go of me, although before my eyes I swam a little.

- And what are you, already everything, bathed? - Olga turned and measured me with a look.

- Yes, the children all traveled around the hills, - "And I would have traveled to you, but it seems that this time not."

Natalia Pavlovna came up:

- Vlad, and Nadezhda Sergeevna with you? - Nadya herself saved me from urgently inventing an answer.

- Oh! Are you so fast? I am at your age from slides to night, I would not have slazila! - it seems that literally in one or two minutes, she managed to bring herself to a complete order and now only I looked a little disheveled.

“Yes, we bathed for more than two hours, got out so that we would not be late for dinner,” hearing about more than two hours, Nadia made big eyes, and I smiled.

We had to go to dinner. At the meal, the women were busy talking, Nadia also discussed some school matters with them, and I frankly missed. Having eaten quickly, I waited for a few children and led them to the floor in the rooms. In my room, I got bought brandy and a box of sweets, putting everything in a small mirror. He took two hotel glasses and lay down on the bed, scrolling through memories in his head. Soon, my dick began to languish from the need to relieve tension, but there was no knock at the door.

We were lucky with numbers then, at the beginning of our section there were two rooms where Olga and Natalya Pavlovna settled down. Then there were numbers of children, and at the end of the section was mine and, at the very end, Nadezhda. I listened to the noise in the corridor, but apart from the periodic exodus of children's feet from room to room, I could not make out anything. After a while I jumped up, because I could no longer lie so easily. I had to take a shower to refresh myself a bit, and I took off the excessive excitement by hand. After that, I changed into looser clothes and went out into the corridor. I went to Nadina's door, but it was quiet there. After making sure that no one was visible in the corridor, I knocked, but inside there was no sound. "But where is she ?!". I went down the hall to the hall and suddenly I saw Artyomka.

- What are you not in the room?

“Mom allowed me,” he smiled at me, “They went with Natal Palna.”

- Where did you go? “Here is an old nag!”, It occurred to me that Hope was probably with them.

- To her room. Mom told me to go to bed at ten.

I glanced at my watch. "Half past nine." Having patted a small one on the head, I went down to the hall, wandered aimlessly around the hotel and returned to my room. "Ten" - in the next room was still quiet. I could not stand it and splashed brandy. Amber liquid lit a fire in the chest, and the head, on the contrary, became slightly lighter. Then he splashed some more cognac and with a volley he pushed the second batch. My head is noisy. I drank, perhaps, a third of the bottle, and then corked it. The window opened on the fortochny mode and sat in the chair. After a while I fell into a nap.

At first, I did not understand why I came to consciousness. My head was buzzing a bit, and I knocked over the cognac that was left in the glass. Crunched by the neck, I listened and it seemed to me that there was someone in the next room. My heart immediately beat faster. The clock was half past midnight. I opened the door a little and looked out into the corridor, there was no one and there was silence. I took the cognac and put the bottle in the back pocket of my shorts as best I could. In the hand took a box of chocolate.

I stood still at the door of Nadina, listening carefully and frowning - I heard her voice, she spoke to someone. “Who else is there with her? Is this old hag or has she picked someone up for herself? ”- I was jealous. I was sure that if there was a man, I would enjoy him ...

so that I howled like a dog from pain, but if Natalya Pavlovna was there, I didn’t want to explain why I knocked on the numbers of married women with chocolate in my hand and fumed up from my mouth at night. And then I realized: “She is talking on the phone!” - indeed, Nadi's intonations sometimes changed to question ones, but no one answered her, there was only one voice in the number. I raised my hand and knocked on the door. There were footsteps and the voice began to sound a little louder. The door opened, Nadia, seeing me, opened her eyes wide and pressed a finger to her lips. I smiled at her and nodded. My guess was confirmed - she actually spoke on the phone and was slightly drunk at the same time.

- Y-yes ... N-no ... Igor, bl * d, I still have to repeat? The children are sleeping, Natalya Pavlovna and Olga drank wine ... - Nadia, stepped aside, letting me into the room and closed the door, putting it on the latch. I stood by the mirror, leaning on the cabinet, - Natalya Pavlovna wine ... What are you dissatisfied with? What did you not go fishing thump? Well, you planned that one of us would drink today, so I fulfilled your plan ... Yes, I'm kidding ... I am guilty ... My mother shouldn't have called for a visit and tried to escape * from the house .. I am not going to treat my daughter under the bath of your mother ... I will come and see how you will behave ...

As I understood, her husband was at first dissatisfied with the fact that Hope abroad drank wine, and then tried to apologize for being rude. But even under the degree Nadya was clearly the main one in the family and confidently led the conversation. When they finished Hope put the phone on charge. I admired her legs and ass while she leaned over to plug the charger into the outlet. Because of the wine that was drunk, she didn’t manage to do it right away, and I came up behind, holding her waist. Nadia straightened up and tried to remove my hands. But when she turned, there was a smile on her face.

“Well, I haven't decided anything yet.”

- I barely waited, I opened the brandy myself.

- Oh no no no! What a scoundrel! - Nadia jokingly shook a finger at me and gently pulled away.

She went to the mirror, touching my hand and opened the chocolate. A dark piece flashed between the sensual lips and was behind her cheek. Nadia pouted her lips and mumbled rather:

- Vkuuuusno! - she sat on the bed, but when I came up, put my hands on my stomach, - Well, young man, I said that I haven’t decided anything yet.

I poured us brandy and handed her a glass. Sat near. We clinked glasses and drank. I barely took a sip, and Nadia knocked the portion in herself in one gulp. Putting my glass on the cabinet, I said:

“I want chocolate, too,” and kissed her on the lips.

I felt the heat again. Our tongues entwined, but now between them was still a piece of chocolate, soaked in alcohol and Nadina saliva. She handed it to me and pulled away with a smile. A blush appeared on the woman's cheeks. She asked:

- Yummy?

- As good as it gets.

- Good cognac.

- I was given such a birthday. True good. Especially if the company is warm.

Nadia again sat closer to me, just like in the park and put her hand on my hip. A member immediately began to tighten the fabric of my shorts.

- Pour more, - her voice again became languid, and I gave her an updated glass.

- Nadia, on brotherhood? - she kissed me on the cheek.

- And what are you, not all still learned from me?

“The further I penetrate, the more I want to linger in you,” her dark eyes met mine.

Hope bit off a small piece of chocolate and swallowed it. Her soft lips gently touched mine and left a light kiss. We drank, and then put the glasses on the floor and leaned against each other. A kiss circled my head. Nadia rested on my shoulders, turning her back and lay on me. Her tongue worked in my mouth so that a member was ready to tear shorts along with shorts. I felt the softness and tenderness of her stunning breasts through a thin fabric. My hands slowly pulled the hem of the sundress to the top and I finally felt the tenderness of the skin of her buttocks.

Nadya sat down next to and removed my hands:

- Vlad, I do not think that this should go straight.

I stood in front of her and her eyes were on the level of my groin. Nadina's hands, apparently involuntarily, lay on my thighs.

- Let's take a closer look at each other and then you decide whatever you want.

I pulled the penis out of the fabric, and he finally found himself free. I will not lie that I have it gigantic, but I have good sizes. Over sixteen, almost seventeen. Girls, when asked - I'm lying, that eighteen. Until now, no one has rechecked, and the difference a little more than a centimeter with the naked eye is not too visible. But in thickness, he is good for me. Not that bloated up is impossible, but good.

Nadia first looked away to the side, but there was a smile on her lips, and her right hand touched the penis. I jerked from pleasure and leaned toward her, imprinting a long kiss on her lips.

- Well, well, come here, - Nadia pulled me by the dick to her and absorbed him in the mouth.

- Ahhh!

- Hush! Here the walls are thin!

- Yes, yes - I was ready for anything, if only this amazing woman returned my dick to her hot mouth.

She did this by slowly twisting the head between her lips. Her tongue, which I still enjoyed only during kisses, now stroked the bridle and the hole in the head. She swallowed a dick almost half, abundantly moistened it with saliva, and then released from the mouth to lick it from the bottom to the top. I, meanwhile, pulled the sundress straps down and freed her luxurious breasts. My hands caressed these marvelous hemispheres, playing with the nipples and the sensitive area below and around the edges. Nadia carefully nozzles, sucking my dick. Her hands caressed the testicles, and sometimes she passed them through my body from top to bottom, leaving the furrows with her nails, as if marking me, making her own. I took her by the shoulders and began to move smoothly towards Nadya's hot mouth.

- Yeah ... My dear, - she put her hands on my buttocks and began to set the pace for my movements.

In response, I straightened her hair, gathering it in the tail behind and began to gradually pull her head on his penis. I started to get hot, and it was no wonder - a beautiful married woman, probably almost twice as old, sucks my dick for me, sniffing with zeal. And at the same time, practically allows me to fuck her in the mouth.

Here she rested, in my hips and moved back. Nadia laughed softly with a slight hoarse and wiped her lips:

“Take off at all,” she nodded at the shorts, and I instantly freed myself from them, “And pour some more brandy.”

It was something piquant, walking in front of a woman in a sundress lowered to the waist, in one T-shirt with a protruding member that glistens with her saliva and serve her a glass of cognac.

We drank, and Nadia pulled off my shirt. I wanted to save her from the sundress, but did not have time, she took me by the buttocks and slowly planted on the penis. I realized that now there will be something special, because this time she somehow especially moved towards my fighter. Nadia now did not allow me to actively pull her, I just podmahival quietly at her, penetrating deeper and deeper. And so, she pulled away, took a deep breath, and completely swallowed my penis.

- AAAAH !!! - moan was loud, but I did not care if someone heard me.

Nadine's nose rested on my stomach, and my head arched, so that the member entered well into her throat. She made a swallowing movement, and I felt her throat contract around my trunk.

My breathing quickened, sweat broke out on my forehead. Nadia released a member and a little breath. And then ... she again planted on him to the end. This time I held her by the back of my head, pressing her closer to me, although I couldn’t simply penetrate deeper. Her hand touched my eggs and began to massage them. Nadia leaned back a bit and my dick was again free from her sweet captivity.

“Bl *, I suck the young boy * s,” she laughed again softly and immediately planted herself on her dick.

- But do you like it?

She looked up as best she could ..

and our eyes met. Nadia raised her right hand up and showed me a thumb. I grabbed her hand and kissed her palm.

- You are my sun...

When she again pulled away I leaned over to her, and we kissed. After that, Nadia asked:

- Now, just hold on. You can move a little.

I again gathered her hair in a ponytail at the back of my head, holding it in my fist. And Nadia ... She began to actively swallow my dick. She let him out of her mouth all the way to the head, each time squeezing her lips, and then she sat on the penis completely, so the next moment I felt the head of the wall of her throat. I tried not to move much, but it did not work. My pelvis began involuntarily podmahivat towards her throat, and after a while, before my eyes swam with pleasure, and I began to really hammer her straight into the throat. The room was filled with the womb sounds of the Nadini swallows and my hard wheezing.

- Nadia, darling, I'll finish soon!

She did not react in any way, continuing to fuck herself with my dick and the final did not take long. My eggs began to shrink furiously, a thick hot liquid began to rise over the penis and finally erupted in a hot fountain directly into her mouth. When my trunk just started to shrink, Nadia stopped swallowing it strongly, and focused on the head. Sperm beat her in the sky, filling the entire oral cavity. My x * nd shuddered, pouring out all the new streams of seed from itself, the whitish liquid began to flow from the edges of the Nadine mouth, and I still held this amazing woman by the head and moved to meet her tongue.

“My God ... It was something, I didn’t experience such a thing in life, my sweet,” Nadya leaned back and quite smiled.

She crossed her legs and opened her mouth, showing cum on her tongue. The seed flowed down her chin and down a thin thread onto a bare chest. I poured us brandy, and we drank. Then I took Nadia by the legs and knocked her mistress on her back. She moved a little, settling herself comfortably and I took off her panties. Her pussy was gently shaved, only in the center of the hollow rose a neat thick polosochka dark hair. I buried my lips in them and, kissing, began to descend lower. Nadia stroked my head, and I caressed her, teasing me with kisses near the vagina, but not touching him.

- Bl * yad, well, let's have a pussy, Vlad, - her mate excited me.

I covered her vagina with my mouth and ran my tongue over the outer lips. A sigh escaped Nadina's chest. Fingers squeezed my head when I caressed her clit or penetrated my tongue right into the sweet hole. Sometimes she moaned, holding back loud noises. Her hips raised the pelvis to meet me, so that as tightly as possible pressed to my lips. I used my fingers and penetrated middle and nameless into the vagina.

“Vlaaad ...” A sweet, languid moan erupted from Nadia.

I moved my fingers, fucking her and inside massaging the front wall of the vagina. My lips kissed the mistress's clit. At one moment, she froze for a second, and then leaned towards me and her body began to convulse.

“Ummm ...” With a slight rise, I saw that her face was distorted with a grimace of pleasure, and her lips were tightly closed so as not to moan into her voice.

My nadi's nipples were sticking out, and my chest was so swollen that her veins appeared. I raised myself over her and pulled off, stumbled onto a belt, a dress we did not need anymore, sundress. Now in front of me lay a sweaty, agitated, just finished mature woman, who had leaks of my sperm visible on her breasts. Her legs were spread, her hands were pussy-tied, she pulled her fingers away a little and her eyes ... they asked me. I hung over her, and Nadine's hand gripped my newly rising member, demanding pulling it to the pussy. Hot barrel plunged into the hot bosom of his mistress. We simultaneously groaned, Nadino's face quite broke into a smile.

- So, honey, fuck me well, I beg you.

- With joy, my sunshine.

I kissed her and began to move. First, smoothly, trying to member not so much to penetrate it deeply, how to massage her vagina on the sides. Nadino hot breath is sometimes interrupted by pleasure, she scratched my back and showered my face with kisses. I fucked her with pleasure, glad that I had finished recently and this time will last longer. Nadia sometimes grabbed my buttocks, squeezing them tightly and I also transferred my hands to her elastic ass. Now I firmly pressed her into the bed, feeling underneath the breasts and nipples of an adult woman. My dick penetrated her, and we helped by holding each other by the buttocks and feeding our bodies towards each other. Our sweat mixed and my smell became her smell, and her smell was mine. With each friction, I felt how carefully she squeezed the muscles in her vagina inside and was grateful to her for that. I took my dick back, only to force him back into this woman again. Nadia bit me on the shoulder and whispered something in my ear:

- My, you are my ... Yes, fuck ... dear ... Vlaaad, my sweet ... yeah, fuck my dear ...

At that moment I wanted to dissolve in her, fill her with all my seed, make her a child and fuck her for the rest of my days. Right there, on that bed, in that hotel, have sex with this woman until the stars stop shining in the universe. My penis plunged into this hot abyss, fluid from our loins rolled over the trunk, bodies slid over each other from sweat, but everything was not enough for me, I wanted it forever.

I changed the pace and now slaps began to be heard in the room. Nadia turned my head to her and looked into my eyes. Her eyes were clouded. I thought that she wanted to be quiet, but she only kissed me and said:

- Fuck, love.

The slaps became louder. Nadia pressed her face into my neck, and I heard her breathing, heard her holding back her moans, turning into sobs. I grabbed her by the shoulders and arched over her body in order to tighten and firmly tighten the lover on my dick. My scrotum knocked on her ass, and Nadia would sometimes give me a meeting only saying:

- Yes ... yes ... fuck ... yes ... fuck me ... Vlaad, fuck it ... Yeah-hh!

My woman's teeth were digging into my shoulder when she was completely unbearable to hold back moans. I felt the salty sweat on my back burn deep scratches that Nadezhda had left on me. From the open window we sometimes had a cool night breeze. There were sounds of some revelers on the street, and Nadezhda Sergeevna and I were fucking lying on the hotel’s bed, next to the children, some of whom were in the same class with her daughter. Next to the old hag, which, I thought, I almost did not break off everything. Next to another mommy, which I originally laid eyes on. “No, I’d never trade Nadia for Olga ... how lucky I am!”

“I’m finishing up on you,” I didn’t ask her for permission. I told her that I was going to do with her magical body, which now became my property.

“Cum ... at me,” she herself now asked.

I accelerated the pace, now taking out a member less than half of her vagina. The lover's chest shook under me faster and faster. Nadia began to moan in a low voice, already being unable to fully restrain herself. The tension in the eggs was growing, they had already gotten close and were ready to throw out all that they had accumulated after the recent orgasm. And I finished. Cumshot, drove a member into it until it stops. Holding her shoulders, I pressed her onto my dick as best I could. My breath was completely lost, my heart was pounding not evenly, but I was ready to die then, if only I could enjoy it all before the finals. My cock shuddered in the bowels of her pussy, and as a result, she began to cum with me. The body convulsed, it trembled, the vagina was reduced, compressing my trunk and causing the release of sperm residues from the canal, Nadya covered the orgasm. I lay down on her, feeling her beating in ecstasy under me. Nadia sobbed and tears flowed down her cheeks. Her face twisted from cramps, she held me with her hands, and I felt a shiver in her legs and muscles inside. “I fucked her! Like Everest conquered! ”- I could not dream of anything more at that moment. If there was a magic gin nearby and I would suggest that I fulfill any desire, just to forget this episode - I would send it to x * d. So it was good for me to lie on this woman and feel her vagina contract around my cock.

- Will you go to your place?

- No ... I want to stay with you.

We lay naked under a blanket in her bed and talked quietly. I stroked Nadino's body and hair. She podrachivala my dick.

- Better not, Natalya Pavlovna will go in the morning.

- Let me go before her?

- She gets up early.

- How do you know?

“She said while she was sitting,” we broke off to kiss.

“You're crazy for me today.”

“I felt so young with you,” Nadina smiled, causing a nagging feeling in my chest.

“I want to fuck you every day,” Nadya laughed.

“Vlaaad,” she said my name, stretching the letter “a” and it turned me on, “It won't work every day.”

- Well, let not everyone. But constantly, - Nadia nodded.

“Constantly,” we kissed again, “Go, we don't need to be caught.”

If it will be interesting about the relationship with Hope, then let me know!)